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Why not take a souvenir of your day at IMG Worlds of Adventure home to remind you of the fun you had? Or buy someone a present they’ll never forget! IMG Worlds of Adventure retail stores have an exclusive range of thematic merchandise and branded goods from all your favourite Superheroes and cartoon characters, taking immersive retail to amazing new levels.


Marvel Universe

MarvelMarvel Universe

One of IMG Worlds of Adventure’s flagship stores, Marvel Universe takes you closer to the action than ever before… step inside and be transformed into Iron Man – the fate of the world is now in your hands! This experience has to be seen to be believed… have you got what it takes to save the planet? Marvel Universe is one of the world’s biggest Marvel stores – get the best and newest Marvel Universe merchandise here to impress your friends!

Empire News and Comics

MarvelEmpire News and Comics

Read all about it! Get your Marvel city news right here, hot off the press! Souvenirs, comics – this is the place to keep up with the latest adventures of Thor. Think you’ve got the strength to lift Thor’s Hammer? Thousands have tried, but few have succeeded. Show us what you’ve got – visit today and put your muscles to the test.

Avengers Exchange

MarvelAvengers Exchange

The only dedicated The Avengers store in the Middle East, this S.H.I.E.L.D Adventure Warehouse is home to all the gear any Super Hero could want. Clothes, accessories, crime fighting tools – now you’ve no excuse not to suit up and save the day. Come and see for yourself!

Daily Bugle Company Store

MarvelDaily Bugle Company Store

A must-visit for all true Spider-Man fans, the Daily Bugle Company Store is a treasure trove of Spidey merchandise, including outfits, games and take-home webbing technology! This fully dedicated Spider-Man store has something for everyone… you’ll even see the famous web slingers’ handiwork throughout the store.

Marvel Vault

MarvelMarvel Vault

An old, abandoned bank vault filled to the brim with hand-signed collectibles: figures, comic books, posters… this is the ultimate shopping experience for all Marvel fans. Make sure you leave enough time in your day to browse all the incredible high-end artifacts on display.

The Explorer’s Supply

Lost ValleyThe Explorer’s Supply

Ever wanted to own a dinosaur’s egg? Then head to the Explorer’s Supply depot to find rare treasures and all the kit any intrepid explorer could ever need. Remember: the best explorers are always prepared.

Raptor Outpost

Lost ValleyRaptor Outpost

Want the perfect memento of your day at IMG Worlds of Adventure? Then why not stop at the Raptor Outpost to find t-shirts, mugs and other fun, branded memorabilia. Take a little of the IMG Worlds of Adventure magic home with you.

LV Retail Cart

Lost ValleyLV Retail Cart

Get your Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure merchandise on the move… stop at any Lost Valley retail cart and snap up a souvenir of your day!

Cartoon Network Store

Cartoon NetworkCartoon Network Store

A true emporium of all things Cartoon Network, this is the place for all CN fans to have fun while browsing the world’s best CN merchandise. Where better to meet the CN stars than in this dedicated home of wonderful Cartoon Network accessories, gifts, toys and games? What are you waiting for?

The Amazing World of Gumball - The Store

Cartoon NetworkThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Store

An IMG Worlds of Adventure must-see, The Amazing Store of Gumball is the place to get your Gumball merchandise.

Lazy Store

Cartoon NetworkLazy Store

The Lazy Store has everything that LazyTown fans will love. Come and check out the LazyTown merchandise that’s sure to get you energised and active!

Haunted Hotel Store

The Haunted HotelHaunted Hotel Store

You survived the Haunted Hotel? Now recreate the terrifying atmosphere with a Spooky Painting to take home and scare your friends and family.

World of Candy

IMG BoulevardWorld of Candy

Candy has never been this fun or tasted this good! Indulge the senses and create your own chocolate and candy in our dedicated live chocolate-making kitchen… amaze your friends and family with your chocolate-making skills!

IMG Emporium

IMG BoulevardIMG Emporium

Stop by before you leave, capture the fun of your day and grab all your dedicated IMG Worlds of Adventure gifts and souvenirs at this one-stop-shop.

Adventure Photography

IMG BoulevardAdventure Photography

The ultimate way to impress your friends, let us transport you through the magic of Green Screen technology into a terrifying dinosaur chase or a superhero battle sequence… post the results onto your social media and go viral!

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