Go Spooky & Groovy with Halloween Horror


Have you ever entered a world overrun by zombies, monsters and beasts so terrifying you begged to wake from what is surely” nightmare? IMG Worlds of Adventure, the Dubai’s largest indoor theme park, owned by the Ilyas and Mustafa Galadari Group and managed by IMG Worlds, turns into everyone’s biggest nightmare every Halloween.

Festival of Fright

IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai's largest indoor theme park, celebrates Halloween every October. This Halloween celebration is open to the entire family with special Halloween kids shows, trick or treats, and appearances by Marvel Heroes and Cartoon Network characters. Furthermore, all of the IMG Worlds of Adventure's Spooktacular rides and attractions are also be available for extra thrill.

IMG also gears up for its spookiest annual Halloween event, Festival of Fright, at the end of the month, which has always exceeded guest expectations. Consequently, IMG promises every year’s festival to be bigger and more terrifying than the previous with its very own haunted experience. In addition to many live zombies roaming the park, the DJ plays the best Halloween tracks, and there’s a haunted parade and flash mob that often leaves guests with unforgettable memories. IMG promises to transport you to a scary, haunted world.

Halloween Celebration at IMG

Blurring the lines of reality, IMG Worlds of Adventure sheds its skin to reveal the haunted old tombstones and forbidden wasteland. The faint- hearted are warned not to enter Dracula’s Tunnel for fear of what lies within. Meanwhile in the world of the innocent, younger guests are given trick-or-treat bags which they can fill with sweets & treats throughout the park.

Hoping to survive? We suggest that you blend in by wearing your scariest costume, as entering through the iron gates of IMG Worlds of Adventure is much like entering the worst ever horror movie, guaranteed to give you nightmares. There is often a Spooktacular catwalk with prizes given to the best dressed. Additionally, younger victims can have their faces painted while enjoying more subdued activities.

Stay away! A trio of enchanting women have been spotted around a creepy cauldron mesmerizing unsuspecting guests with their traditional dances and spine-chilling stories. It’s best to stay in groups but make sure you are not the one at the back of the line as IMG Worlds of Adventure’s army of zombies are looking for new permanent guests to join them.

The guests are treated to bone-chilling entertainment starting with the world-famous and spine-tingling zombies of Haunted Hotel, along with Haunted Maze; a terrifying man-hunt provides the most heart-stopping entertainment as guests make their way through narrow tunnels with darkness and suspense at every turn. In the haunted graveyard, the old tombstones, creepy graves, and forbidden wasteland may appear as the park sheds its skin, blurring the boundaries of reality. There are always lot of skulls and pumpkins scattered around the park to evoke a real sense of spookiness. Many haunting attractions are incorporated into the park, such as the blood pool, bridge to hell, zombie marshy effect, and more. There's a highly inspired Halloween display beginning at the main entrance and extending throughout the park as this is a truly spooky attraction.

A great deal of attention is paid to the decorations, and you can see giant cobwebs, bats tied together, hay bales, bloodied handprints, a bloody fountain, hanging ghosts, and of course, zombies. IMG Restaurants also come up with extreme looking food, which is both tempting and frightening at the same time. These surely are a must try when you visit IMG during Halloween. In retail shops, you can find ghoulish treats, theme retail merchandise, and in restaurants, you can find Halloween themed party savoury and sweet options. Halloween sweets every year elevate to a whole new level with innovative flavour combinations plus look and feel.


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