Have Fun with Family in Amusement Park in Dubai

Dubai is a gorgeous city with a diverse range of intriguing places to visit and things to do. Their theme parks are one of those intriguing places.

Amusement parks are extremely popular among travelers because they offer a variety of thrilling rides, activities, zones, cafes, retail areas, theatres, and other attractions. So if you are planning a trip to this beautiful city, you must check out at least one of the theme parks.

Being spoilt for choices in Dubai is a common occurrence, so it only makes sense to choose to visit the best of the best. So, allow us to introduce you to the largest indoor amusement theme park in Dubai, IMG Worlds of Adventure, the best theme park ever.

  • IMG World of Adventure

    If you're planning a trip to Dubai, IMG Worlds of Adventure should surely be on your bucket list. We can assure you that this new amusement park in Dubai will be the ideal experience for children, but it will also be an equally worthwhile visit for parents.

    This theme park has become one of Dubai's most popular destinations due to its distinctive characteristics. If you're wondering about this location, allow us to tell you everything you need to know. Let's have a look at what makes this theme park so special:

  • Adventure Zones

    IMG Worlds of Adventure amusement park Dubai is the first big themed entertainment destination, offering tourists from all over the world the thrills of six gigantic adventure zones all in one place.

    Two of the six zones are dedicated to well-known global brands such as Cartoon Network and Marvel, while IMG Boulevard, Lost Valley Dinosaur and IMG Kids Zone are IMG Group unique creations.

  • Amazing Rides

    Because of their unique design, the rides here are some of the most thrilling ones you will ever find in the world. Each and every ride is inspired by your different favourite cartoon characters and movies, which will surely blow your mind.

  • Binge-Watching

    For all the movie lovers, IMG Worlds of Adventure in collaboration with Novo Cinemas, has created a theatre with all the futuristic elements one could want. It also offers a separate private lounge with food and resting options, as well as blankets and cushions, making the incredible movie experience more than a dream come true.

  • Cuisines

    This is a highlight for anyone who wishes to visit IMG Worlds, and the sheer variety of options will thrill you even if you are not a foodie. The dining establishments will astound you with their originality and flavor.

  • Meet and Greet

    Meeting your favorite cartoon characters and coming face to face with childhood heroes is often a dream for most people, but IMG world of Adventures has turned this imagination into reality. Head on over to IMG Worlds of Adventure meet and greet zones to hang out with your some of your favorite cartoon characters like, Marvel super heroes, Powerpuff Girls and more.

  • Shoppers Stop

    For shopaholics as well as for the kids, there is good news. Among all the amazing things, another amazing feature of this theme park is its vast. retail options spread out across the park at each zone.

    IMG Worlds of Adventure stores offer an exclusive variety of themed merchandise and branded goods based on all of your favorite action heroes, cartoon characters, and many more, all of which are sure to elevate your immersive retail to new heights.

So what do you think?

If you are planning a trip to Dubai, your itinerary would be incomplete if you don’t include a day at IMG Worlds of Adventure.

IMG Worlds of Adventure is Dubai's first big themed entertainment destination, offering tourists from all over the world the thrills of six gigantic adventure zones and other amazing features all in one place.

IMG Worlds of Adventure is a must-see attraction in Dubai, delivering the best in family entertainment.


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