Theme Park Tips & Guides for Families with Kids

When it's Dubai, it's full-on enjoyment. The mixture of cultural values and contemporary thinking can be observed here. This city of flashiness has something for everyone. Specifically, when you are with children, you need to know the locations of fun and recreation. If there's one appeal that you'll find in plenty are the excellent theme parks in Dubai. From children to adults, there's an anxiety rush for one and everyone. Check out one of the most useful kids' parks in Dubai.

IMG Worlds of Adventure:

The IMG theme park is the best children's theme park in Dubai that is separated into five epic parts. The five-themed parts such as The Powerpuff Girls, The Avengers, and Dinosaurs in the Lost Valley create it one of the most thrilling theme parks in UAE. Your little kiddo will go bonkers with multi-sensory experiences with Gumball, Ben 10, Lazy Town, and The Powerpuff Girls. At the same time, the more prominent superheroes can engage themselves in being a superhero with Spiderman, Thor, The Avengers, and Hulk.

Adventure and fun rides in IMG Worlds of Adventure:

  1. The haunted hotel: Have a stop at the Haunted Hotel if you dare, but know before you go inside that exit is not easy. Arrange a maze of passages and transformation scenery, meeting all types of dangerous personalities against a ghoulish scene. Hold your nerve as you attempt to discover the exit. Immersive enjoyment has never been this dreadful!
  2. Avengers Battle of Ultron: Join Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, and Captain America as they carry to the skies to battle evil villain Ultron. Make your place in The Avengers group and support to rescue the day!
  3. Hulk epsilon-based 3D: Grab your motion-seat in their one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art stereoscopic theater crown to see The Incredible Avenger, Marvel's Hulk, battle against his most deathly opponent yet in spectacular 3D. You will never forget this 360-degree, totally immersive viewing background of one of Hulk's most splendid wars.
  4. Thor thunder spin: Overfill your feelings on this dizzying investigation in physics… Be stapled to your chair by the rules of gravity as The Mighty Avenger, Marvel's Thor, tries to save you from the grips of Loki, God of Mischief.
  5. Avengers Flight of the Quinjets: Grab control of your two-seat Quinjet and carry flight with other Quinjets in a delightful race… Appropriate for all ages, join Marvel's
    finest on this lovely ride.
  6. Forbidden territory: Desire to catch life-size dinosaurs walking the Earth? Join the Forbidden Territory and be thrilled through time. Get up packed with some of the most terrifying and fantastic beasts the world has ever known. But don't get too packed! Are you willing to enter The Danger Zone?!


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