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If you are looking for places to visit in Dubai, then there can be no better place than visiting the largest children's theme park in UAE that is the IMG Worlds of Adventure. Being the largest kids theme park in Dubai it offers a variety of things that can be done here and this is what it is known for. Let’s learn more about kids theme park in Dubai in this blog.

IMG world of adventures

This is the place that people do not want to miss travel with their kids when traveling to Dubai. It is the indoor-themed entertainment park in the world by volume and is a whole different world altogether for children. It has six exciting and adventurous zones under one roof with a 20000 capacity of guests welcoming a day. Six exciting and adventurous zones are located under one roof which can accommodate 20000 guests a day.

Unique things about IMG Worlds of Adventure

This kids theme park in Dubai is known for amazing options available to do with kids such as rides, dining, cinemas, shopping, meet and greet, and various other trilling activities.


    The rides here are one of the huge amazing rides because of their unique built type, their different rides that include your favorite marvel iconic superheroes, and cartoon network world full of adventures. Such as Thunder spin, Haunted Hotel, Avengers Battle of Ultron, Forbidden Territory, Dino carousel, Ben 10 5D hero time, and other big rides such as Velociraptor, Thor Thunder Spin, Predator, Hulk Epsilon Base 3D as well more bug thrills that are beyond your imagination with full of adventures and fun. 


    When it comes to the cinema then there is nothing best than IMG Worlds of Adventure as one of the largest cinemas in the Middle East that is Novo cinemas is located here with their premium world-class luxurious experience to the visitors. The 12-screen multiplex with 5000 meters of LED strip lighting gives the real cinema experience. It has a dedicated private lounge with dining and resting options as well as blankets and pillows giving the amazing experience of ani movie more than a dream come true.  


    One cannot miss this place while visiting as it is the most favorite place which will delight you even if you are not a food lover. The dining spots will just blow your minds with their creativity and taste. This includes Popcorn Factory, Boulevard Gourmet, Mama Scano, Samosa House, Spice Valley, Flavors of Arabia, and various other spots that have your heart.


    The most famous activity of the park is meeting your favorite character from Marvel's iconic world as well as the Cartoon Network, hang out with them and make the cast of the park your friends.


    Everyone loves to shop and wants their favorite things in their hand, the retail stores of IMG Worlds of Adventure brings the shopping world to you which contains every kind of favorite souvenirs that you were looking for. From your favorite characters to games, suits, and other activities full of fun, this place is the heart of the park because both kids, as well as adults, love to visit this zone because of its beauty. It includes marvel Marvel Universe, the explorer supply, IMG emporium, and various other retail kiosks.

  • IMG Kids Zone

    IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai’s largest indoor theme park has now grown even bigger with its newest addition, IMG Kids Zone! Developed especially for our young guests, IMG Kids Zone brings them the chance to enjoy like never before while frolicking in the inflatable playground world, where everything is soft and fun. A kid- friendly area spanning over 17,172 square feet is going to extend the park experience to even the littlest ones in families, where parents can enjoy watching their kids laugh and giggle with excitement.


IMG Worlds of Adventure is a one-stop destination where every part of this kid's theme park in Dubai will amaze you and steal your heart. This will make a memorable experience not only for you due to fascinating and unique experience that IMG provides to the guest.

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