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Are you wondering where you can find dinosaur parks in Dubai? Nothing is impossible in a city like Dubai, and this time IMG Worlds of Adventure has you covered with one of its most famous zones, Lost Valley. A zone rife with dinosaur adventure, Lost Valley is the zone to be at if you’re visiting IMG Worlds of Adventure and are looking for dinosaur parks in Dubai. There are varieties of dinosaur themed activities, rides and restaurants all over the zone, evoking the Lost Valley dinosaur adventure theme at every step of the way. Be ready to be transported into a dinosaur park world when you step into the Lost Valley zone here at IMG Worlds of Adventure.

The prehistoric lost world of dinosaurs is roaring back to life with a bang in the Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure zone. With hair-raising dinosaur rides and not-to-be-missed attractions, audiences of all ages can gear up to go back in time to a thrilling world that existed millions of years ago

Dinosaur Park Dubai - Lost Valley Dubai: Rides & Attractions

  • The Velociraptor - Lost Valley In Dubai, UAE

    The Velociraptor

    Blast off on this thrilling adventure that launches from the prehistoric jungles of the Lost Valley- Dinosaur Adventure out into the desert of Dubai itself! Not for the faint-hearted.... You think you’ve got what it takes?

    Height restriction: 1.30m

  • Forbidden Territory In Dubai, UAE

    Forbidden Territory

    Want to see life-size dinosaurs roam the Earth? Enter the Forbidden Territory and be transported through time, get up close with some of the most amazing and terrifying creatures the planet has ever known. But don’t get too close! Are you ready to enter The Danger Zone?!

    Height restriction: 1.30m
    Min Height if accompanied by an adult: 1.05m
    Maximum height: 2.08m

  • Predator.jpg


    What goes up, must come down… Journey through the jungles of the Lost Valley - Dinosaur Adventure on the Predator, an unforgettable lesson in the power of gravity. Loops, exhilarating rolls… nothing can prepare you the heart-stopping beyond-vertical plummet to Earth. Don’t look down!

    Height restriction: 1.25m

  • Dino Carousel in Dubai, UAE

    Dino Carousel

    Take a spin with the friendlier inhabitants of the Lost Valley- Dinosaur Adventure in a unique-dinosaur themed carousel… but be careful… some dinosaurs are more friendly than others. 

    Height restriction: 1.05m

  • Adventure Fortress in Dubai, UAE

    Adventure Fortress

    Learn the skills needed to protect the village from the dinosaurs of Lost Valley in this adventure playground… have fun exploring ladders, tunnels, slides, bridges, nets and climbing challenges. 

    Height restriction: 1.25m
    Min Height if accompanied by an adult: 0.95m

Dining & Restaurants in Dubai Theme Park

  • Spice Valley in Dubai, UAE

    Spice Valley

    Deep in the Lost Valley, Spice Valley serves delicious Indian inspired cuisine to satisfy even the most famished of dinosaur handlers… Take a seat and soak up the atmosphere… the shimmering gas-fired tandoor ovens and the flame roasted rotisserie meats; this is Indian hospitality at its best. Just make sure you’re hungry before you join us at this buffet style restaurant.

  • ad-lv-dr-carnivorel.jpg

    Carnivore Hut brought to you by Wingstop (America’s Number 1 Chicken Wing concept)

    The Carnivore Hut has been serving up the very best chicken wings from a small window since it was opened decades ago by a ship’s cook grown tired of the island’s fruit. Taste the chicken wings that have been perfected over generations and discover for yourself why being marooned in the Lost Valley isn’t quite as bad as people say. 

  • 360 Express Serves Gourmet Burgers & Hotdogs for Kids

    360 Express

    360 Express serves gourmet burgers and hotdogs that guaranteed to please kids and adults alike.

Shopping in Dubai Theme Park

  • The Explorer’s Supply

    The Explorer’s Supply

    Ever wanted to own a dinosaur’s egg? Then head to the Explorer’s Supply depot to find rare treasures and all the kit any intrepid explorer could ever need. Remember: the best explorers are always prepared.

  • ad-lv-sp-raptor

    Raptor Outpost

    Want the perfect memento of your day at IMG Worlds of Adventure? Then why not stop at the Raptor Outpost to find t-shirts, mugs and other fun, branded memorabilia. Take a little of the IMG Worlds of Adventure magic home with you.


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