Fun Venues for Birthday Parties in Dubai

Birthday parties are very special occasions and in Dubai there are countless venues that you could be looking to use. IMG Worlds of Adventure makes it much easier for you to choose a fun venue for birthday parties in Dubai, or even a special location for a special anniversary. You now have the opportunity to book venues amongst our range of restaurants within IMG Worlds of Adventure, be it for a fun children’s birthday party or an elegant wedding anniversary for your loved ones. We have it all on offer at our different restaurants, depending on your needs and requirements. With our six zones and range of restaurants you will surely be kept busy during your visit to IMG Worlds. Look no further for fun venues for birthday parties and special occasions in Dubai!

  • Fun Venues for Birthday Parties in Dubai


    Want to have an epic event somewhere a little more adventurous? IMG Worlds of Adventure is the perfect venue for an unforgettable event. We have fully immersive facilities that cater to all levels of attendees, young and old.
    Contact our private party team here for details of how IMG Worlds of Adventure can bring your party to life.

  • Fun Venues for Birthday Parties in Dubai

    Birthday Parties

    Children of all ages can enjoy their next celebration or special occasion in the company of super heroes and popular cartoon characters. Tailored events for girls, boys, or adults who would like to add a splash of fun and uniqueness to any celebration are available for all budding heroes.

    Healthy food options are available and will be whipped up by our in-house nutritionist and specialty chefs, in-house bakers can customize cakes and pastries for any celebration and a vast selection of themed and branded gift items are available throughout the theme park. Click here to get in touch or email our team directly at


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