Fine Dining in Theatre Dubai

Fine Dining in Theatre Dubai

Want to eat and drink with your favorite Cartoon Network or MARVEL characters, or to share a meal with your family while watching dinosaurs in their natural habitat? Now’s your chance…Our chefs use only the freshest ingredients to prepare the finest meals in incredible interactive settings.  Dubai is one of the best places in the world to enjoy luxury. If you want to have fine dining in Dubai with your loved one, you can trust IMG World of Adventure to create the finest meals for you to enjoy in the most magical of locations. Besides, you will be accompanied by your favorite CN or Marvel characters.

Marvel Amusement Park Dubai

  • ttd-marvel-tonysskydesc

    Tony’s Skydeck

    Enjoy the best steak and seafood at IMG Worlds of Adventure’s premier restaurant: Tony’s Skydeck.  Tony Stark’s own restaurant on the upper floors of the Avengers Tower is the place to sit back and soak in the spectacular views over the city while enjoying a fine dining experience that is as hip as it is refined. Tony Stark is a man of exquisite taste – why not join him at the Chef’s Table (seats six) for the true VIP experience. (*Opens only for corporate events) 

  • ttd-marvel-changsgoldendragon

    Chang’s Golden Dragon

    An old-style city favorite located in the Marvel Zone.   Order a specialty Pan-Asian dish or two in this sharing style casual dining restaurant and feel the heat generated by spectacular flaming woks in the open kitchen! Bring your friends and family for an experience you’ll not soon forget. 

  • ttd-marvel-mamascano

    Mama Scano’s Of Yancy Street

    Where better for an unforgettably fun meal than the bustling Mama Scano’s, where the hardworking staff uphold the best of Italian culinary traditions, laughing and joking with guests (and each other) throughout the day and night. The best wood-fired pizza and pasta in town, Mama Scano's has perfected the art of raucous hospitality over generations.

  • ttd-marvel-downtownshawarma

    Downtown Shawarma

    Grab a quick bite at The Avengers’ favorite hangout… sit and eat or grab and go while enjoying the urban vibe. Nothing helps a Super Hero fight battles better than a well-crafted shawarma.  Our team has a range of different takes on the shawarma sure to satisfy any budding Super Hero’s craving.   

  • Churro & Pretzel Station - IMG Worlds of Adventure

    Churro & Pretzel Station

    Sometimes nothing will do but a perfectly baked churro or pretzel…come and try the taste sensation that keeps the MARVEL residents coming back for more.

  • Hotdog Express - IMG Worlds of Adventure

    Hotdog Express

    Who doesn’t love an old fashioned street corner hot dog? Try one for yourself from Hotdog Express – you won’t regret it!

  • ttd-marvel-captainscoop

    Captain Scoop

    You haven’t tasted ice cream until you’ve tasted Captain Scoop ice cream. 

  • Popping Popcorn - IMG Worlds of Adventure

    Popping Popcorn

    Sweet, salty, just the way you like it. Great popcorn never goes out of fashion.

Dubai Cartoon Network Park

  • CN Feast - IMG Worlds of Adventure

    CN Feast

    Join your favorite Cartoon Network characters in this family-friendly restaurant where the excitement doesn’t stop for the ultimate interactive dining experience. Situated over two floors, relax and have fun meeting and posing for photos with Cartoon Network stars while you enjoy delicious international-style cuisine in a casual dining environment.

  • Mr. Smoothy

    Mr. Smoothy

    Hang out with Ben 10 and his buddies in this American-style diner where the smoothies have to be tasted to be believed! Burgers don’t get better than this – you’ll want to keep coming back for more. 

  • Richard's Cafe in Dubai - IMG Worlds of Adventure

    Richard’s Around the World Café

    You don’t have to go far to travel, or so the saying goes… why not take your taste buds on a trip of a lifetime at Richard’s Around the World Café, where the gourmet menu is international in flavor with a twist and the vibe is modern and friendly. Bring your passport for a culinary voyage of the senses! (*Opens only for birthdays and school trips)

  • Finn & Jake’s – Everything Burrito

    Finn & Jake’s – Everything Burrito

    Adventuring heroes need sustenance – where better to find it than at Finn & Jake’s - Everything Burrito? Made with the freshest ingredients, these are burritos, and more, to write home about… No wonder everyone travels across the Land of Ooo for a fabulous Finn & Jake burrito! (*Opens only for birthdays and school trips)

  • Kids Park in Dubai - IMG Worlds of Adventure

    The Candy Palace

    Your one-stop-shop for candy nirvana. If we don’t have it, it’s not candy worth having.

  • Crepe Construction Zone

    Crepe Construction Zone

    Taste Gumball and Darwin’s crepe delights at the Crepe Construction Zone… what’s not to like?

  • Powerpuff Girls IceCream Parlour: IMG Worlds of Adventure

    Powerpuff Ice Cream Parlour

    Who likes ice-cream? Meet the Powerpuff Girls and let them tempt you with some of the Middle East’s finest freshly made ice-cream.

  • Sports Candy Station

    SportsCandy Station

    Calling all superheroes! If you’re looking for a delicious and alternative healthy snack option to give you the energy you need to stay active and have fun, then follow Sportacus’s example and visit the SportsCandy Station. Let’s GO!

Lost Valley Dubai

  • Spice Valley - IMG Worlds of Adventure

    Spice Valley

    Deep in the Lost Valley, Spice Valley serves delicious Indian inspired cuisine to satisfy even the most famished of dinosaur handlers… Take a seat and soak up the atmosphere… the shimmering gas-fired tandoor ovens and the flame roasted rotisserie meats; this is Indian hospitality at its best. Just make sure you’re hungry before you join us at this buffet style restaurant.

  • Carnivore Hut - brought to you by Wingstop (America’s Number 1 Chicken Wing concept)

    Carnivore Hut - brought to you by Wingstop (America’s Number 1 Chicken Wing concept)

    The Carnivore Hut has been serving up the very best chicken wings from a small window since it was opened decades ago by a ship’s cook grown tired of the island’s fruit. Taste the chicken wings that have been perfected over generations and discover for yourself why being marooned in the Lost Valley isn’t quite as bad as people say. 

  • Fine Dining in Dubai - IMG Worlds of Adventure

    360 Express

    360 Express serves gourmet burgers and hotdogs that guaranteed to please kids and adults alike.

  • ad-lv-fb-churro

    Churro & Pretzel Station

    Come and get your churros and pretzels from the master: the Lost Valley’s first settler baker.

  • ad-lv-fb-hotdog

    Hotdog Express

    Take a break from adventuring to enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures… the best hotdog in town.

  • Fruit Station

    Fruit Station

    Sometimes the best snacks are the natural kind… the world’s best fruits are served right here.

IMG Boulevard

  • Popcorn Factory - IMG Worlds of Adventure

    Popcorn Factory

    The Popcorn Factory brings to life the wonderful world of gourmet popcorn and other candy concoctions in a visual blast of color - a treat to watch and a delight for the tastebuds. With unique flavors of popcorn, candy treats and a fantastic show kitchen, the Popcorn Factory is an IMG Worlds of Adventure must see!

  • Boulevard Gourmet

    Boulevard Gourmet

    Visit this center of culinary excellence situated over two floors and taste the very best food from each of the four continents. There is something here for everyone, even the most world-weary traveller. Sit back and let us amaze you. The view of the terrace is breathtaking. 

  • Samosa House

    Samosa House

    Taste the exotic flavors of samosas from all over the region at Samosa House… This casual dining Indian street food restaurant brings to life the ancient art of samosa and chai – a delight for the senses and fun for all the family.

  • Flavors of Arabia - IMG Worlds of Adventure

    Flavors of Arabia

    A smart-casual eating experience to rank alongside the best of Dubai restaurants, Flavors of Arabia serves the greatest contemporary Arabic-world cuisine in an environment that is elegant but informal. This is destination dining at its best – sensory indulgence to satisfy the most demanding tastebuds.

  • The Coffeehouse

    The Coffeehouse

    Did someone say fine coffee, freshly baked breads, pastries, salads, soups, and sandwiches? Get to The Coffeehouse for the best coffee and freshly baked products in town…. let the aromas of freshly brewed coffee and fresh bread transport you.

  • Bean Stop - IMG Worlds of Adventure

    Bean Stop

    Grab a gourmet coffee and keep going… make sure you’re wide awake to experience the best of IMG Worlds of Adventure!

  • ad-ib-fb-waffles

    Waffles on Wheels

    Love to mix a little sweet and savory? Grab some tasty delicacies on the run and choose from a range of flavors at this old favorite.


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